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Water and food quality as well as prevention of water- and food borne diseases are becoming challenging tasks requiring combined and immediate efforts by communities and public health officers.

So what is Microbe Scan doing to make a difference?

Microbe Scan is striving to develop and commercialize technologies and protocols that assist in reducing risks associated with potential water and food contamination by microbe pathogens. The company focus is on providing the testing capability and resources to people worldwide by offering superior products and services. This effort will lead to cost effective and actionable methods for monitoring water, food and environment quality. Availability of clean and safe water as well as food is what Microbe scan is looking and advancing. Therefore, we intend to explore the feasibility of offering products and services that guarantee safe water and food to all communities in developed and underdeveloped countries thus improving the lives of people living in these countries.

So how is this vision of the future being manifested?

Continuously sampling and monitoring water, food and environment quality using modern technologies will for sure impact populations positively and significantly reduce health hazards and panic usually linked with diseases outbreak. Microbe Scan and its sister company Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc. are using all the technologies and instrumentation at disposal to achieve this goal and currently together are exploring new technologies and methods for field detection of microbial pathogens in water and any other fluid matrices.

Besides rapid pathogen detection in water does Microbe scan plan to do more?

Microbe Scan currently is in the process of setting up roots in Kenya where it is providing not only water testing products and services, but also food safety testing services as well as a number of other related laboratory based tests, technological transfer and consulting services. The long term goals of company is to become a premier laboratory in Kenya, and surrounding countries through provision of excellent products and services in its core business of operations thus improving the quality of life of people of East Africa. Together with its USA partnering company, Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc; their goals is to exceed expectation through commercialization and marketing of high quality products and services in microbial detection, identification and eradication.

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