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The main purpose of Microbe Scan LLC is to research, develop, and offer laboratory-based services with novel technologies for the detection of water and foodborne microbial contamination and their eradication. The company is building a reputable global company offering competitive products and services in microbial testing, detection, and identification in water, soil, food, and other environment matrices.

The company works to validate, verify, and commercialize both existing and new novel and innovative technologies as tools for detection and eradication from food supplies both water-borne and food-borne pathogens. Our target markets include both developing and emerging economy’s global commercialization of our products and services. Environmental contamination by disease-causing pathogens presents a barrier to population growth and development. Appropriate technologies and services are in need to detect and eradicate these harmful organisms.

We work closely with Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc. for the marketing of our products and services in the U.S. as well as providing skills and experience for Kenya and other developing countries. Our current work is to establish, validate, and verify its commercial application. Once the applicability of our technology is validated and verified, a service laboratory facility will be started in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi and eventually expanding to Makueni, Machakos, and Kitui counties in the surrounding region. The intent will then be to apply the business model to other counties within Kenya as well as other surrounding countries, where similar needs exist. Our services are provided to environmental quality regulating organizations, public health departments, schools, institutions, or nongovernmental organizations, private consumers, and agricultural products processing industries. The majority owner is a native Kenyan with 25 years of academic and small technology experience in the U.S.

The partner of Microbe Scan LLC has a track record of expertise in developing microbial testing technology and application in industrial and private markets. Our expertise will be used to empower Microbe Scan LLC to acquire technologies developed in St. Louis, MO and the USA at large and apply to solve third world issues of water, food, and environmental contamination. We believe that there are excellent commercial opportunities for developing microbial testing service laboratories in Kenya and surrounding countries, where such facilities are rudimentary at best.

Our Mission

At Microbe Scan LLC, we are committed to using our technologies and matching those with new technologies to make water safe. We are seeking individuals who can donate or invest in our product development so that this product can reach the African continent, reducing water borne infections, increasing school attendance, increasing worker productivity, and making a safer world.

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