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Eleanor Roosevelt stated “Great mind discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Such wisdom is easily lost in our fast paces society that is filled with entertainment that seeks to build brands based upon open behavior. We prefer to look forward and discuss ideas that will improve the world.

About a third of the worlds population are living in areas where pathogens are in the water ad food sources that impact their live negatively. We are looking at methods to not only know a pathogen is infecting the food and water supply, we want to identify that pathogen and provide a solution that will improve the life of those peoples.

We are also looking at bringing that technology to the world. We have incorporated in Kenya so that our technology can be brought to Africa. Once established in Kenya we will be expanding our reach to other third world countries.

Microbe Scan LLC will not only be setting up our own lab in Kenya we will also be partnering with Microbe Inotech Laboratories inc in St Louis Missouri in order to have greater capacity to meet the needs of the people of Kenya.

By ficusing on ideas that will create new markets Microbe Scan LLC seeks to become a leader in pathogen detection in muddy waters throughout the world.

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