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The world is filled with opportunities. Learning is the key to unlocking the doors of opportunity. Microbe Scan is filled with learners, and teachers in the sense that we want to learn how to serve the world in a way to makes life better for everyone that wants a better life; and teachers in the sense that we have to promote our ideas in a way that it reaches those people who want a better life and then are willing to learn what it takes.

When we take our technology and build on it we are using our expertise to potentially improve the world. As we learn more we have a greater propensity to make that change. If we choose to only learn and never teach our ability to make a difference fades into a lab experiment that will never make it out of the lab. If we are not learning we cannot teach what we have learned and again it becomes a futile existence where we fight against ourselves for survival with no ability to grow. So the roots of our business is learning, the stalk and stems is our teaching opportunities, the flowers are the adoption of our technology, and the fruit is the improved lives from the adoption of our skills and technology.

Currently we are learning, developing, and striving to proselytize the virtues of our ideas in order to gain acceptance and provide a mainstream solution to a nagging problem related to water safety and pathogen detection. Today we know we can inform you that an organism is living in water, tomorrow we want to be able to tell you what organisms are living in the water, the following day we want to be able to tell you what pathogens are living in the water that we recieve on that day.

The work is building upon the work of many other before us. We are building on technology developed by Microbe Inotech Laboratories in order to magnify the pathogens to make the detection system we are working make the pathogens easier to see and identify. In order to accomplish this we are still learning, and growing in ways that will aid us in our goals of providing solutions for improving the lives of millions.

What we learn today will be solutions for the futures, and provide and understanding and guidance for future leaners as well.

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