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Food Safety

Food borne illnesses place huge strains on the productivity and health of communities. Children who who are sickened by food and water loose out on precious opportunities to learn and grow intellectually. Adults are impacted by becoming less productive at work and loose out on income opportunities that could improve the local economies. Businesses loose as they may need to access less qualified workers who need training to become effective workers. All this places an unnecessary burden on communities. Microbe Scan recognizes this, and is looking to reduce these problems!

Microbe Scan is working with Microbe Inotech Labs to be able to test foods and water, inorder to identify problems in the food supply and then provide practical solutions for making the food supply safer to those who need it most. As Microbe Scan moves operations into Kenya the idea is to be able to collect, test, and provide results that will make food safer, water safer and improve the access to better products that will reduce health related issues from the food supply. Microbe Scan will work closely with any organization that can help us meet our mission of making Food and Water safer throughout our range of influence, whether that is in the United States or South Eastern African Nations to more Central African Nations as well.

The leadership within Microbe Scan provides a vision that will make testing easier in some cases, developing new methodologies to reduce testing times in other situations, and being agile enough to ensure that people get the information that they need to reduce Pathogen related illnesses in a timely manner.

At Microbe Scan we are not loosing sight of our roots but embracing our technology and moving forward for the benefit of our customers, and their customers, and their families, making our reach more impactful and beneficial to our world society.

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